Bald for a Cause


To lay down your life for others doesn't necessarily mean dying, as it ultimately did in the case of Jesus Christ. It means dying to your self and giving up your rights all to benefit others.

I was moved recently about a story that I saw on the local news. A group of 4th grade boys at a private Christian elementary school decided to shave their heads to show their support for 10-year old Bailey Moody, a classmate with bone cancer. As they see it, if she is going to be bald, then they would all be bald with her.

The school administration was apparently impressed by this gesture as well because they held a small hair cutting event at the school, so the boys could all have their hair cut together. One by one, each boy sat in the chair as the clippers shaved their full heads of hair down to just a buzz. Next to the makeshift barber chairs, a red sign sat on the floor, covered in hair clippings, that read, “Bald for Bailey.”

I was so impressed by this. In the spirit of full disclosure, this school is affiliated with my home church, and I know some of these boys. But that only makes me feel prouder of them. These young boys are already showing that they understand what it means to love others well.

What they did was sacrificial. It was selfless. They voluntarily gave of themselves to lift another person up when she was down.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” -John 15:13

To lay down your life for others doesn't necessarily mean dying, as it ultimately did in the case of Jesus Christ. It means dying to your self and to your rights—the right to your time, your property, your finances, or even your actual life—all to benefit others. We can lay our lives down every day even for people we don’t know.

This idea is at the heart of the Gospel. Jesus was entitled to Kingship in Heaven, but he chose to “be bald” for us. First, He put on human skin and walked around in it for 33 years, but then, He did more than that. Not only did He “shaved his head” for us, but He took the cancer too! He traded in his perfect health for our malignant cancer, and that is why we can truthfully say, “What a Savior!”

 These boys did something incredibly Christ-like and courageous. While I pray for healing for Bailey’s bone cancer, I also pray that God would continue to make this group of boys into great men of the Kingdom -- men who will lead their families and communities well.

 Is there anyone in your life who looks up to you? If so, what are some practical, everyday ways you can demonstrate Christ’s example of laying down your life for them?

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