As the Insults Turn


What goes in, comes out. So rather than take in our own ideas or the lies around us, let's put God's Word in our heart, then His goodness will come out of our mouths.

Scripture: Job 15:1-18:21

"You are supposed to be a wise man, and yet you give us all this foolish talk. You are nothing but a windbag.” (Job 15:1)

A windbag? I literally laughed out loud. Who would think the word windbag is actually in the Good Book? Eliphaz pulled no punches calling Job’s word light and empty like the wind. And he didn’t stop there … the insults continued. Eliphaz’s straight talk got serious and very personal. He hurled a low blow, straight to Job's heart, "Your sins are telling your mouth what to say." (Job 15:5) I know this insult had to hit home with Job. It certainly did with me.

This insult went straight to my heart and sent my mind to Matthew 12:34b, “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." 

What goes in, comes out. This is a real challenge for a motormouth like me. I often think after I speak; unless I have the right things in my heart, the wrong things come out of my mouth. To pass this challenge, I have to answer the question what are the right things?

Let’s start with this reasoning: bad in, bad out; good in, good out. Then we ask ourselves where do we find good? Good is from God. Therefore, we can reason that God can show us what is good and right. Where does He show us? The only place to find the good and right things from God is in His Word.

Conclusion: when we put the Good Word in our heart, the goodness of God will come out of our mouth. And what comes out of a mouth fed by a heart purified by God’s Word could never be insulting.

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