Arrows in His Kingdom


We need to see our kids the way God sees them. Children are not just the future of God’s kingdom; they are His kingdom (Matthew 19:14).

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands. How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them! He will not be put to shame when he confronts his accusers at the city gates. -- Psalm 127:3-5 (NLT)


“Do you know that you are a child of God? And children always have access to their Father. It is not a request; it is a right.” 

I was leading morning chapel at Christ For The Nations and had just finished speaking these words when one of my squirrelly little toddlers escaped from her mommy and ran up on the platform with me. Wrapping both arms around my leg, Charis stared back at the Bible students who were eagerly waiting to see how I would handle this ironic disruption. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! This is my daughter, and I had just finished saying, “Children always have access to their father.” It was her right to be with me, wasn’t it? So I put my hand on her head, closed my eyes, and began singing. As we worshipped, Charis unwrapped herself from my leg and began dancing around the platform, twirling her frilly dress like a pint-sized praise ballerina. No self-consciousness. No fear. She simply belonged there.

In that moment the presence of God stooped low to dance with Charis. As He came closer, she got down on her chubby little knees and bowed her head to the ground in worship, her unruly curls forming a pink-bowed circle on the platform. God moved and the place fell apart. It seemed the entire student body was on the ground in tears. That morning, Bible students from 50 nations learned more about God from a baby girl than they did from their professors.

We need to see our kids the way God sees them. Children are not just the future of God’s kingdom; they are His kingdom (Matthew 19:14). Isaiah 11:6 says, “And a little child shall lead them.” Ministry comes naturally to them! 

Imagine a three-year-old walking up to total strangers in Southlake Town Square asking, “Do you know Jesus loves you?” Imagine four little girls in Easter dresses walking up and down the street inviting the neighbors to church. Imagine our sons and daughters laying hands on the sick, giving food to the homeless, and asking their Father for miracles. That is the kingdom. 

Children pray with more faith, preach more simply, prophesy more fearlessly, and love more purely than we do. Each of your children is an arrow God has placed in your hand, trusting that you will fletch, sharpen, aim, and release each child into darkness-shattering greatness. Please take this seriously: no one can sharpen your arrows but you. You do not need to be a Bible scholar to read the Bible to your children, pray with them, or bless them before bed. You just need to see them as God sees them, ask Him how to lead them, and be there to obey. 

Start today by asking the Lord for wisdom and guidance as you raise your children to be arrows in God’s kingdom.


Father, help me to see my children through Your eyes. What do You see? What would You like me to do to help build Your kingdom in them? How can I obey Your Word by raising them up in the way they should go? Now please give me this one thing: that my children will be pillars in Your house and never depart from Your presence. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

For Further Study

  • Deuteronomy 11:19Psalm 128:3Psalm 144:12Proverbs 22:6Isaiah 59:21

-- Zach Neese

Taken from Created to Be, a Gateway devotion.

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