Are You Living or Lurking?


Stop wasting precious time lurking and watching someone live their life – grab God’s hand today and start to live yours!

Kim Kardashian recently tried salsa verde on her burrito and hated it. Jennifer Aniston walked her pet parakeet to the coffee shop on Sunday morning. Lindsey Lohan paid her water bill alongside Lady Gaga who barked at customers while wearing florescent green scuba gear.

Who cares?

Apparently, we do.

Turn on the TV and you’re inundated with unimportant facts about people who have done nothing more than live in a family of famous people. Every word and every designer outfit is photographed and videotaped for our curiosity and entertainment. But, fame is not an earned commodity these days. What we watch and what we learn about those in the limelight sheds little on how to live a life of good character or God honoring morals.

As a matter of fact, it illuminates the opposite.

How much time do you spend watching other people’s lives? When you pick up a magazine is it because you want to see how someone else is living, what someone else is wearing, or what someone else is saying?

Our family recently moved from California to Tennessee. I’ve run into more country music stars than I can count. The first week here Trace Atkins walked by twice. Naomi Judd goes to our church. Brad Paisley’s wife actress, Kimberly Williams was right behind me in my yoga class and Carrie Underwood was sitting in my orthodontist’s office at my first appointment. Still, the people out here leave them alone to live their lives. “They’re just people like you and me.”

When our teenage daughter came to the dinner table and shared, “Angelina Jolie had twin girls today.” My husband would answer, “Angelina Jolie had her twins? I’m hurt. Brad never called to let us know.”

When I was walking through the grocery store recently he stopped dead in his tracks and stared at the magazine rack. With sarcastic enthusiasm he shouted, “Joanne, look! Kate Middleton has already lost her baby weight. I’m so excited I just can’t stand it.”

I have to admit, it’s true. I’m fascinated when I see someone in front of me that I’ve watched on the big screen, or heard on the radio, but these people shouldn’t take up much of our time. The truth is that God has no favorites. (Romans 2:11) He has plans for your life beyond your wildest dreams.

What about you? What you have to say is just as important. Sure, you may not be on the front page of People magazine, but that doesn’t mean your life doesn’t have the power to influence anothers. Try to turn off the TV and spend some time with the very One who died so you could live.

God reminds us in His word, Teach me to number my days so that I may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12) We’ve only been given so many days, minutes and hours. God’s plans are bigger than you dare to dream. He thinks you’re pretty amazing. Stop wasting precious time lurking and watching someone live their life – grab God’s hand today and start to live yours!

Written By Joanne Kraft

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