Are You an Expert in Your Domain?


What the Bible says in John 15:5 is true: Without Jesus, you can do nothing.

Do you know the expression, “Christ’s presence confers success”?

Jesus’s disciples experienced this truth a very long time ago. After they had spent a whole night fishing without catching even one fish, lo and behold, Jesus asked them to launch out into the deep seas to fish again! But this time, they caught such a large quantity of fish that their net broke! (see the Bible, Luke 5:6)

Jesus’s presence made all the difference. In fact, before He arrived, the disciples had “toiled all night” (see the Bible, Luke 5:5) They had mobilized all their expertise, experience, and equipment. Not only were they experts in their domain, but they also had everything they needed physically speaking! So what was the problem?

They lacked one essential thing: Jesus’s presence in their efforts. His creative word: “‘Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.’” (see the Bible, Luke 5:4)  

Don’t venture to go forward without Him, you would risk working in vain, wearing yourself out for nothing. Because what the Bible says in John 15:5 is true: without Jesus, you can do nothing.

But ... with Jesus, you can do anything! Launch out into the deep with Him, and you’ll have the greatest catch of your life!

Thanks for existing!

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