Are You a BIG Spender? Today, Some Tips on Being a Really GREAT Spender


Knowing how to spend money is a skill that can enhance your financial well-being. Here's how to be a GREAT spender, rather than a BIG one.

Knowing how to spend money is a skill and one that can be the determining factor in your overall financial well-being. Seriously, I have met some folks who taught me great lessons on how to spend money. Here are a few tips:

Ann’s grandfather had plenty of money but never paid for an expensive hotel in his life. He used to say, “a hotel is just a place to sleep: clean, safe, comfortable, that’s all that you need. The rest is just wasted money.”

My wife adopted a similar view when it comes to eating out. She sees a restaurant as a means to get quality food at an affordable price. She doesn’t enjoy spending lots of money at high-end restaurants.

 Another great spender I know never buys fashionable clothing. He only buys solid color shirts, slacks and sport coats since they never go out of style.

Most great spenders never buy new cars, rather they purchase a quality used vehicle and drive it as long as it remains reliable.  And don’t fall for a luxury brand when shopping for a car. It is just transportation. Sixty-one percent of people who earn $250,000 or more aren’t buying luxury brands at all. They’re buying the same Toyotas, Hondas and Fords as the rest of us.

 In my own life, I have had to learn to change my ways. In the past, I have been more like: “I want the best, I want it now and I don’t want to shop around and waste time.”  I was a sucker for overspending and fell prey to it time and again until the Lord woke me up and taught me how to stop being a BIG Spender and become a GREAT Spender.  It will take some discipline and patience, but the rewards will be helpful in every area of your life.

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