Are God's Tests Good?


The good news is that God never gives us a bad test. His tests are always for our good!

Whether it’s an academic one, a financial one, or even when my doctor takes my blood, I don’t like tests. The good thing is that God never gives a bad test. His tests are always for our good. They are also tools God uses to grow us. Here’s how:

In the New International Version, Psalm 11:5 reads, “The Lord examines the righteous” while the King James version says, “The Lord trieth the righteous.” The original Hebrew language helps us to understand how we got these two translations. My Old Testament Word Study Bible says that the words “examine” or “trieth” come from bachan, which means “to test, prove, examine, search out, purify, look out, watch." This word denotes an investigation to determine the essential qualities of an object, especially integrity.

Now check this out...In its entirety, Psalm 11:5 reads like this: “The Lord examines the righteous, but the wicked and those who love violence his soul hates.” When I read this Scripture and the definition of bachan, I got excited because the word “but” indicates that those who don’t know God aren’t tested by Him in the same way that those who do know Him. Therefore, bachan–or testing to determine integrity and essential qualities–is reserved only for the righteous, and this is a privilege!

Webster’s Dictionary describes a privilege as “a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage or favor.”

The word “peculiar” gives me a chuckle. Examinations and tests can sometimes seem like a peculiar benefit for the person who fills the position of knowing Christ. But that is exactly how God sees them. Tests that come from Him are a privilege of position. God cares enough to test the hearts of those who know Him, which leads to greater joy because it makes us more like Him.

Whatever you are experiencing is known by God, and it may be possible that He is testing your integrity, doing an investigation of your heart, and purifying you. Are you going through a test in your finances, marriage, or faith? You can pass God’s test. Aren’t you glad that He cares enough about you to make you more like Him?

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