Applying "The Gospel of Yes" to Real Life


When people align their "Yes" in Christ to the "Yes" of what Christ is doing in the world, the Spirit brings a result we can never explain.

As more people have read The Gospel of Yes, they’ve emailed me and asked a lot of very practical questions.  First, I’m very glad people are reading the book and second, I didn’t write the book to answer every argument, but to simply begin the conversation. I wanted people to read the book and then walk away wondering, “What if…” What if Jesus has a Yes for me? What if I can live in the power of that Yes? What would be different about my life if I lived for instead of against?

There are very practical differences we have seen it make in our ministries at Brentwood Baptist Church.

First, we believe everyone is uniquely gifted and wired for kingdom ministry.  All of us have gifts, passions, talents, experiences and resources that, when placed under the Lordship of Christ and ignited by His Spirit, allow us to be part of the kingdom work Christ is doing around us. We believe God sends new members to us for a reason and we want to help them discover that reason.

Second, we believe our church is called to help believers identify, train and apply those gifts in the ministry to which God has called them.

Third, we provide a place of training. Perhaps there’s a class that will help them or a mentor who will teach them to best use their gifts.

With that said, here’s how we’ve seen it make a real difference:

  • We have raised our expectations of new members. One of these expectations is to take PLACE, a process to help identify and/or confirm the new member’s gifts and passions.
  • We meet with our new members to help them get connected to a place of service. Yes, people need a place of community, but they also need a place of service. There are some things Jesus only teaches you in obedience.
  • People show up and see how God uses them and their gifts… and well, let’s just say that’s all the motivation they need. They become excited about what God is doing, which drives them deeper in worship and discipleship.

When people see God at work in and around them, it changes the way they worship.

When people see what God can do, they want to know more and it drives them to a deeper discipleship.

When people align their Yes in Christ to the Yes of what Christ is doing in the world, the Spirit brings a result that we can never explain. We can only praise God for it. We can’t explain it, but we can thank Him for what He has done and then look forward to what He will do…

Here is the practical reality:

  • Living your Yes in Christ will drive you to learn more about Him
  • When you do, you’ll be driven to praise
  • This praise consumes your life with the ‘Yes’ of God in Christ.


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