An Unexpected Downsizing


God is in the midst of your trial, and He wants to see you through it.

As I waited for the truck to arrive, I separated our boxes and pieces of furniture into two groups. One had all the items we needed to keep, while the other contained items to be put in storage—for an undetermined time. Because of my husband’s unemployment, we were in a financial crisis. His parents offered to let us move into their fully-furnished, four-room apartment in their basement; therefore, most of our furniture and belongings would be stored.

Even though I considered myself a glass-half-full kind of person, the glass before me began to look half-empty as my husband continued to seek employment. Weeks turned to months, and I became consumed with our situation instead of focusing on God.

My prayers were no longer a dialogue but a series of questions from an unhappy person. What happened to the American Dream? What happened to the idea that with middle age came financial security? What will happen to us? How will we recover? The more I questioned our circumstances, the more discouraged I became.

God waited, and when my heart was quiet He started filling me with His peace. I made a conscience effort to read my Bible more, and as I did, God spoke to my heart through His Word. He made Himself known to me in ways I’d never known before, and soon my focus changed. I quit blaming Him for my circumstances and started trusting Him for the outcome. No longer did I focus on my trial, but on the One who would see me through.

In his message, "Through Times of Trial," Dr. Stanley tells the story of Joseph and the trying times he experienced. From age 17 to age 30, Joseph suffered nothing but heartache, misfortune, and pain. But through it all, he never took his focus off of God.

What trial are you going through today? Where is your focus? Is it on your circumstances? On you? God is in the midst of your trial, and He wants to see you through it. Let this be a time when your faith is strengthened and your knowledge of God is increased, for it is during trials that the genuineness of our faith and devotion to God can be revealed.

Written by Beth K. Fortune

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