An Invitation to Fearless Living


You can rest in the security of Christ's identity, no matter your fears.

God’s word to His own is always, “Fear not! Do not be afraid.” He tells us not to fear circumstances, people, or the future. Sure, healthy fear keeps us from jumping off bridges and cliffs or placing a hand on a hot stove. That’s not the kind of fear God tells us to extinguish. God wants us to step into faith when destructive fear confronts us...

  • fear that comes from the enemy’s whispers
  • fear that paralyzes
  • fear that causes you to hide behind walls of self-protection 
  • fear that causes you to grab for “deity position” because you think you’ve “got to take care of this!”

The only fear He calls for is a holy fear of Him. He invites us to fearless living based on who He is. Because “He IS,” we have no need to fear. What I need to fear is wandering from His hand or taking things out of His hands to do things my way!

I’m thankful that from a child I’ve had a good dose of fearing God. It wasn’t “fearing Him” in a way that caused me to run or hide from Him, but it was the kind of fear that caused me to trust His ability to take care of me. What I mean by that is... if He is powerful enough to make the earth “melt” by merely uttering His voice (Psalm 46:6) then I know I’m safe in His hand. Nothing can touch me.

By “nothing can touch me,” I don’t mean I won’t experience pain. I have. I don’t mean I won’t experience loss. I have. I don’t mean things will always turn out like I planned. Much of my life hasn’t. 

What I mean is: While I’m in His hand, nothing can touch me... but what He opens His hand to allow. And, when I don’t like what He’s allowed, all I have to do is remind myself of all I know about Him, and that settles it. Because He is unlike anyone you or I have ever known.

You’ve never known any other who is committed to be your constant companion—only Him. He’s never given up on you. He’s never been mean or insincere. He’s never lied to you. He’s never been harsh or demanding. He’s never let you go. He’s never let you down. No one else offers you the steadfast, pure and holy love He gives.  

When I’ve wandered from His hand, the pain I’ve known (and created for others) causes me to fear ever leaving His presence again. I’ve experienced the sorrow that has entered my life as a result of a loved one’s destructive choices. I’ve struggled under the challenges that come from living in a broken world. But, when I allow Him to hold me through the storm, and I remember His voice alone can melt the earth, I have full confidence that He is going to take care of me; there is no need to fear.  

These are the truths that hold us fast when our world is shaken. Every day we have opportunity to test the waters of fear and walk toward Him while all the sea is raging around us. 

How about it? Are you ready to accept His invitation to fearless living?


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