An Average Day


The secret of lifelong growth and real change is putting one foot in front of the other and moving toward your desired goal.

Today is an average day. There is nothing too special about it. I will get up, grab my coffee and newspaper. That’s the way my day starts every day. I will look over the internet news and check on Alabama football (yeah, I am a fan). Then, I will look over my day and get my projects prioritized and then, I will spend some serious time in Bible study. After that, I’ll get into the required study and preparation for the preaching I have to do.

This day will be like the day before it, which was pretty much like the day before it. Most of us don’t have a lot of exciting days. Most of have the routine. And that’s OK. Routines are necessary and good things. Otherwise our brains would be locked down with all of the details of life. Can you imagine having to think about tying your shoes every time you did it?

The danger of the routine is that the sameness of the day can make you numb to life. We don’t pay attention to the moments happening right in front of us. We miss moments. We don’t see the opportunities. We assume we know what is going on just because we have seen it before. But we miss the power of incremental change. We miss the slow pace of authentic growth. Healthy children are growing every day, but you just don’t notice it until their pants are two inches too short. Relationships deepen everyday. You just don’t notice it until some storm challenges the depth of one’s love. We grow in our understanding of Christ and we don’t discover it until we are tested in a new way.

Each day is a step toward our final destination. The secret of lifelong growth and true change is putting one foot in front of the other toward your desired goal. Want to be more loving? Do one more loving thing today. Want to be more like Christ? Practice one more teaching of Christ. The race isn’t won in energetic bursts of frenzy, but the slow steady pace of constant attention. This is an average day. It’s a day to keep the pace in the great race of your life. Be aware there is a lot going on, even when you don’t think so. Today is just a step, but it is one step in a very long journey.


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