A Renewable Energy


Our relationship with Jesus is a renewable resource, but it doesn’t renew itself automatically. It takes a little discipline—and it’s discipline that makes a disciple.

The world is running out of energy. Every time we burn a gallon of gas, we lose all of the petroleum products used in making the gas—and we lose them forever. So, we have to pump more oil out of the ground.

Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil. But then again, it only has so much. There’s a lot of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. But then again, there’s only so much.

Now, we’re squeezing oil out of tar sands and using new technology to make old wells more productive. This is all great, but everyone knows, historically speaking, it’s short term (over the next 100 years or so).

This is why everyone is so determined to find other sources of energy. We’re talking about electric cars, wind, and solar power. And we’re trying to find ways to make gas from renewable resources like corn and sugar cane.

Actually, that’s not the toughest energy crisis to solve. Most of us are more concerned with the energy crisis in our own hearts and souls.

A lot of us are suffering from “compassion fatigue.” That is, there are so many needs in our world, so much brokenness and so many pleas for help, we just wear out.

We get to a place where we don’t have anything left to give. Burn-out happens a lot to caregivers and others who work with people in tough, difficult situations. Let’s be honest, loving other people is just hard work.

Jesus understood this. That’s why He made it a habit to withdraw from the crowd and spend time in solitude and prayer.

Worship, not rest, is the cure for burn-out. Ministry—however you define or express it—is giving yourself away. If we’re not disciplined in our own prayer lives, we’ll simply run dry.

Personal worship and study are the times when we refresh ourselves with the presence of the Living Christ. As He promised, His life in us becomes a spring that never runs dry. Our lives become an oasis in a very thirsty world.

Our relationship with Jesus is a renewable resource, but it doesn’t renew itself automatically. It takes a little discipline —and it’s discipline that makes a disciple.


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