A Miracle Story About Provision


Shana Schutte explains a situation where God miraculously provided for her.

There are times when God blasts onto the stage of our lives by doing something so miraculous we can’t deny His existence or His love for us. I had a moment like this last year.

When my wonderful friend, Judi, passed away unexpectedly in 2009, her husband, Jim, called and invited me to their estate planner’s office. “Judi had an account,” he said. “If anything happens to me and I’m not married, you’ll be the beneficiary.” We met; I signed the paperwork, thanked him for his kindness, and gave him a squeeze. “There’s not much in it,” he said. I couldn’t imagine anything ever happening. And besides, I didn’t care about the money. I was just thankful for my friends’ love.

About a year later, I received a call from the founder of CSN International. He hosted a live, call-in Bible answer program on his radio network. He asked if I would like join him for a show. “Sure!” I said. I am not a Bible scholar but was delighted when God gave me the answers I needed for callers.

At the end of the program, one of the co-hosts said, “Pastor, you should create a radio program for Shana.” That would be great! I thought. So, I met with the Program Director and we made an agreement: CSN would provide two free years of airtime for my new radio show, Beyond Imagination, and I would create a book from the Q&As from their call-in show. The project would require hundreds of hours of transcription, but because I couldn’t afford airtime, it seemed like a God-thing.

In 2012, I was hired as the Content Development Manager for Blueprint for Life. After my move to Georgia, I still produced my radio program but my two-year agreement with CSN was quickly coming to an end–and I was in a pickle. Blueprint had kept me so busy that I was running short on time to finish the project. I calculated the hours I needed to finish, and I also calculated how much money it would take to hire help to do the work. As it turned out, I didn’t have the time to do it myself, and I definitely didn’t have $10,000 to finance the project.

So one morning I prayed as I was brushing my hair.

“God! I need a miracle. Please help me fulfill my obligation to CSN.” Judi’s account sprang to mind. I hadn’t thought about it since I had seen Jim at the estate planner’s office. I brushed the thought aside and rushed out the door to start my day.

A week or so later while on a drive with my fiancé, the account danced through my mind again. About ten minutes later, I received a Facebook message from Jim and Judi’s pastor saying their estate planner was trying to reach me. Jim had been unexpectedly killed in a car accident the day before in Nebraska. I was totally shocked and saddened. I was also in awe of God.

I called the estate planner the next day. “You’re the sole beneficiary,” he said. When he stated the amount, I was so thankful to the Lord. I cried and cried, thankful for my friends’ love and God’s goodness. It was just enough to hire the help I needed to complete the project and also pay some bills so I could continue to finance airtime out of my own paycheck.

Of course I don’t believe God caused Jim to pass away for my benefit. But He does see the beginning from the end and way back in 2009 before I had my radio program, He knew I would need the money to fund ministry. He knew I would stand in my bathroom brushing my hair one day and ask for His help—and He knew how He would surprise me as if to say, “See! I can do all things!” I can’t wait to get to heaven and tell Jim and Judi how what they left behind did a work to help others.

What miracles has Christ done in your life? How has He provided for you? Revealed Himself to you? Set you free?

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