A Good Thing


Spend today pondering the Lord's eternal benefits in your life. As you seek Him, you will recognize Him in every good gift you are given.

The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.”  Psalm 34:10

As king of the jungle, the lion is perhaps one of the world’s most deadly predators.  Other animals have such fear and respect for the lion that they almost seem to stand at attention when a lion comes near.  But even this great creature grows weak and tired.  It is not invincible.  If his needs are not met, he will weaken.

Not so with those who seek the LORD, according to the psalmist.  Those who seek God will never lack anything good.  However, there are two vital truths we must understand to correctly apply this promise to our lives.  First, what does it mean to “seek the LORD?”  Second, how does God define “good” things? 

Seeking the LORD does not mean going to church or merely believing in God.  One can attend church services every Sunday and have an intellectual belief in God, yet not truly seek the LORD.  Seeking Him originates in the heart, not the mind or the hands.  The heart is the dwelling place of our emotions, hopes, and our very identity.  It is also the hiding place of insecurities, fears, and idols.  Surrendering the heart, in all its brokenness, is the basis of seeking God.  Once He has our heart, He can begin to truly change us, from the inside out.

The latter part of this psalm can be confusing.  It promises the lack of no good thing to those who seek the LORD.  But haven’t you known Christ followers who suffer unimaginable heartache and pain?  How can this be?  God defines “good” eternally, while we tend to be shortsighted with our definition.  In this temporal, fallen world, even Christians sometimes mistakenly equate “good” with “easy.”  God promises the lack of nothing that is eternally useful and pleasant.  His benefits may not include an earthly life free from pain, loss, sickness, persecution, or heartache; but His benefits do include forgiveness, grace, mercy, joy, peace, kindness, steadfastness, faithfulness, and an eternal home with Him free from all pain and sin.

Spend today pondering the LORD’s eternal benefits in your life.  As you seek Him, you will recognize Him in every good gift you are given.   

Father, This is such a precious promise to me.  When my life gets hard and I get weary, I can cling to Your Word as I seek You with all my heart, knowing that You will never withhold good from me.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.  


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