A Flashy Neon Light


We have to evaluate what we’re running to, lest we find ourselves seeking joy and pleasure in these outlets instead of in our relationship with Jesus.

I’m betting you, Mom, don’t feel satisfied in every area of your life every single day. And I’m betting that you, like me, try to do something to change this, even if it’s just a momentary lift.

It happens. We feel lonely, we go get some chocolate or wine and settle into a good book. We feel restless, we begin to think about exotic vacations. We feel out of control in our household environment, we leave for a run or a night out with friends. Anything to escape these negative, and at times, overwhelming feelings. We’re made to crave light. We don’t like dreariness.

I’m glad I have outlets and I think God gives us fantastic writers, good chocolate, and amazing friends to help us deal with the pressures of this life.  But we have to evaluate what we’re running to, lest we find ourselves seeking joy and pleasure in these outlets instead of our relationship with Jesus. See we crave light, but we often substitute the true light of Jesus for flashy neon ones.  The world twinkles, doesn’t it? And we are often drawn in by its lure like a moth to a flame.

So much of the world is fake, though, right?  But even though we know this somewhere in the back of our minds, we try to let worldly expectations become our reality. We allow our minds and our hearts to be deeply influenced by Hollywood movies for sure, but it’s also lurking in books. There’s an entire shelf at Goodreads.com dedicated to category of “Mommy Porn.”

See, the world saw us as unhappy moms who were dissatisfied with our sex lives and it told us that we needed to escape into a world where satisfaction was pinnacle and the way to get it was to embrace erotica and find ourselves sexually.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with knowing what pleases us. I think God totally wants us to enjoy sex. He created it, right? It’s a gift for us. And He created our bodies to be arousing for our spouses. Read Song of Solomon and you’ll find we were meant to explore each other. But when we embrace torrid affairs and domination, our expectations change. If we weren’t already satisfied, we sure won’t be now either. We’re spending our time getting lost in a world that’s not reality.

But what can be reality? I truly believe God wants you to have an amazing sex life. But what if we consult Him about out sex lives instead of worldly books?  What if we ask Him to help fix what doesn’t satisfy? And what if our bringing our less-than-stellar bedroom experiences to Him also allows us to grow closer with our husbands spiritually and emotionally?

What if we don’t cut God out of our sex lives, but instead ask Him to be Lord over it?

Crazy, right? We don’t often think about God in the bedroom. But the truth is, the Bible addresses sex and marriage a lot. Which means, He’s probably pretty interested in helping yours be awesome. But He doesn’t need help from “Mommy Porn” books.  And if you use them to ignite the bedroom flame, you run the risk of setting your marriage up for failure.

We will be unpacking these thoughts for the next few months because your view on marriage and sex will influence your daughter’s view on marriage and sex. It can be really difficult to teach something to our kids if we don’t really know it ourselves. And, girls, our God wants us to KNOW Him.

Written By Jen Ferguson

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