A Faithful Optimism


Wherever there’s a mess, there's a Christ follower standing right next to it. What's the mess nearest you?

Okay, call me optimistic. I know a lot of people are discouraged and thinking that all is lost, but I’m not one of them. Yes, I read the papers and no, I don’t have my head stuck in the sand. I know about the debt crisis, the marriage crisis, the education crisis, the healthcare crisis, the crisis of violence and all of the rest of the crises the media has cooked up to make us buy more papers and watch more talking heads argue on TV.

Yes, I know all about the mess we’re in. But here’s what else I know. God is up to something. He’s always working and He’s working now.

Things weren’t great for Christians in the Roman Empire, but God was working. We suffered under communism and fascism, but God is working.  

Pornography has many held captive, but that didn’t stop a couple of guys from coming up with XXX Church to help people get free from this addiction.

AIDS is a pandemic that is devouring the working age men and women in Africa, but that didn’t stop John Thomas and his small Baptist church from setting up the Living Hope Clinic.

See what I mean? Everywhere there’s a mess, there is a Christ follower standing right next to it. Once we understand the mess, we begin to see opportunities of grace and Jesus wants to work through us.

What is the mess nearest you? Is it too big for you?

Good. That means it’s God-sized.

What’s next?

Pray. Really pray.

And then?

Ask questions. Look around. Do some research.

Look at yourself.

What gifts? What talents?

What resources or connections do you have so you can begin to say, “Things don’t have to be this way.  Things can be different.”

And if God grants us the power, in His name they will be.

In Christ, God is reconciling the world to Himself. His people have been given the ministry of reconciliation, that is pulling the world back into relationship with Him — every bit of it.

God is always working. Find out where God is working around you and get there.

That’s why I’m such an optimist. I believe in Jesus. I believe in His people.


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