A Commitment to Doing Good for Another


What actions can you take to show your unconditional love to your spouse, despite his or her imperfections?

Love one another, even as I have loved you. John 13:34, NASB

The word love is overly used and often misused in our language. We can hear the word love used in connection with Mexican food, tennis, and sex. But God's intention for a loving marriage is something sacred and precious.

True love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. There is no perfect person or perfect marriage, but love means being firmly committed to loving your spouse in the midst of both your imperfections. To love is to delight in your spouse's person and presence—who this person is—not just in what he or she does. It means having a deep, tender affection for your spouse. Love means desiring to be with that person and expressing devotion to him or her. Love is not based on performance or behavior but on your choice to care for your spouse as you have been cared for.

The Father's firm commitment to love us allows me (David) to then love. He made His commitment to me despite knowing all about me. My present failures are no surprise to Him.

How different marriage would be if we lived from this same vantage point of divine love. This is what true love is: a commitment to love with our words and deeds a person who isn't always "worthy" of that love.

The next time Teresa fails me in some way, might God remind me that it's already been taken into account, and that my love is to remain firmly committed to her.

Can you receive and then share God's unconditional love? Such is the only hope for an intimate marriage.

What actions can you take today to show your commitment to love your spouse unconditionally despite his or her imperfections?

Father, thank You for Your commitment to love me in spite of my imperfections. Empower me to do the same for my spouse.


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