58 Ideas to Express Faith in the Workplace


Os Hillman gives Christian employers 58 ideas on how they can express faith in their businesses.

Ever wonder how you can express your faith in the workplace? Here are some ideas Christian employers have done to express faith in their places of business.

1. Start Today God Is First (TGIF) groups in the workplace or a small group Bible study.

 2. Establish written Biblical values as a priority for your business.

 3. Make Christian books, tapes, and videos available on current topics.

 4. Send children of employees to Christian camps. Offer scholarships to community.

 5. Use Christian motivational speakers at sales and company meetings.

 6. Have prayer at company meetings.

 7. Send employees and spouses to Ancient Paths Seminars.

 8. Use special seasons such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Years to send cards with Christ-centered messages.

 9. Give away one-year Bibles or other modern translations, paraphrased versions, etc.

 10. Share personal challenges and views on current events from a biblical, Christ-centered perspective in a newsletter or other format. The message can be Biblical but not “preachy.”

 11. Give Children’s Bibles, Devotionals, or storybooks to employees for their children and grandchildren.

 12. Join a Christian accountability group of peers.

 13. Release some of your profits to support local ministries that are Christ-centered.

 14. Send your key people to seminars and conferences where they can relate to other Christian business and professional leaders.

 15. Lead a small group study on Christian values for your employees.

 16. Do a seekers class.

 17. Provide educational scholarships for employee’s children.

 18. Provide seminars from a Christian world-view, (For employees, suppliers, etc.)

 19. Make financial planning from a biblical perspective available to employees.

 20. Have a supplier appreciation banquet, show you value them as persons. Pay them on time.

 21. Model application of scripture in business situations. Look for teachable moments to use to illustrate applications.

 22. Have a Christ-centered Christmas party.

 23. Recognize biblical fruitfulness in employees.

 24. Encourage employees to do ministry on company time.

 25. Sponsor a Christian radio program.

 26. Pray daily for employees, customers, suppliers, and competitors and let them know it.

 27. Send “We are praying for you” cards to customers, suppliers, etc.

 28. Display tasteful Christian paintings, pictures, scriptures as office decorations.

 29. Have Christian magazines and literature in your reception area.

 30. Have Christian music on your “hold” button.

 31. Fly a Christian flag.

 32. Include testimony and other tracts with invoices and other mailing pieces.

 33. Create a personal testimony tract and send it to business associates.

 34. Have a company picnic and share your testimony or have another do so.

 35. Employ a corporate chaplain.

 36. Purchase a company retreat center and make it available to employees and families.

 37. Purchase seats at local Christian events. Seminars, concerts, etc. and give them to employees, suppliers, customers.

 38. Provide scholarships to married couples to a Marriage Enrichment weekend.

 39. Give away copies of the Jesus film video.

 40. Underwrite 2 hours a week of an employee’s time that is given to visit local nursing home residents.

 41. Start a Wednesday (noon) Bible Study.

 42. Start a Weekly Prayer Group(s).

 43. Men’s breakfast Bible study

 44. Christian music listening and sharing time

 45. The 9 to 5 Window Workshop

 46. “Experiencing God” classes or TGIF Bible Study on calling

 47. “The Mind of Christ” class

 48. “Raising Boys” class

 49. Contemplative Prayer study

 50. “Divorce and Remarriage” class

 51. Provide TGIF subscription to employees or associates.

 52. Host a the TGIF Co-Brand program to equip employees to integrate their faith in their work.

 53. Provide day care for your employees.

 54. Some a note to your mayor and tell him you are praying for him.

 55. Financially support an inner city ministry.

 56. Prayer walk around the outside and halls of your workplace

 57. Host a workplace lunch event. Show a work life ministry video. Provide discussion time.

 58. Form a city-wide coalition of intercessors, marketplace leaders and pastors. Meet for prayer twice a month for one hour in public building. 

Event Ideas

 1. Christian Fellowship Retreat

 2. National Day of Prayer Celebration

 3. Jesus video presentation(s)

 4. Good News Break – “The Perfect Storm”

 5. Good News Break – “Who’s in Control”

 6. Praise and Worship Gatherings

 7. Gospel 101 Class/Presentation

 8. Sponsor an annual prayer breakfast for your city or your company.

 9. Sponsor a Called to the Workplace workshop by Os Hillman for your company or city.

 10. Sponsor a city-wide workplace conference.

 11. Participate in city-wide Global Day or Prayer.

 12. Alpha in the Workplace bible study for seekers

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