5 Ways to "Reboot"


We need to acknowledge the necessity of taking the time to “reboot” so that we work properly again.

Our lives are sometimes like electronics or apps that need to be “rebooted” so that they work again. Sometimes, with electronics, you just need to close an app and reopen it for it to start working again. As you know, in other cases, you have to completely restart the device, which is a longer and more involved process.

In our lives, we need to acknowledge the necessity of taking the time to “reboot”! Here are five ways to do so…

  1. It’s good to stop regularly during the day, even just for a minute, to think about the Lord and feel the peace of His presence.
  2. It’s good to set aside one hour to pray. Jesus said to His disciples in the Bible, “‘What! Could you not watch with Me one hour?’” (Matthew 26:40)
  3. It’s good to set one day apart in the week as well. God Himself took a day of rest after His work of creation! Though He is God, the Almighty One, He rested on the seventh day.
  4. From time to time, it’s good to block off a week to pray, fast, and seek God. God can solve a lot of things in one week!
  5. A few times in our lives, it’s also good to take a month to seek God’s face. It may be 30 or 40 days...Jesus, before starting His ministry, set 40 days aside to fast and pray. Moses stayed at Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights...many other men of God in the Bible set aside a certain time to seek His face before experiencing breakthroughs.

Don’t forget: you need a regular “reboot” as well!

Thanks for existing!

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