3 Steps to Reproduce Church Leadership


The fact is that there are almost always leaders to be found, if one is looking. The key is having a strategy for leadership reproduction in place and actually working it.

Sometimes we complicate things in leadership. Take reproducing leaders, for example. In every church I’ve been in, people want to reproduce leaders, but few think they know how.

Yet, in my opinion, it may be one of the easier leadership issues to solve. The fact is that there are almost always leaders to be found if one is looking. The key is having a strategy of leadership reproduction in place and actually working it.

Let me help you create such a strategy.

Here are three easy steps to reproduce leaders:

1. Recruit – The best leaders will almost always have to be recruited. They are already busy leading elsewhere. They don’t have huge egos that make them think they have to be leading in your organization. Be observant. Get to know people and their interests. Discover the hidden talent in your church. If someone is a leader with Boy Scouts, they have potential to lead at church. If someone leads in the workplace, they have beneficial skills for the church.

I’m not advocating you don’t screen them, but I’m not thinking they’re going to preach the first week either. How much of a litmus test is needed for the parking ministry? Yet, you need leaders there too. It’s the first place a visitor makes an impression about your church. If they can lead a little league baseball team, you think they can be e chief parking lot cheerleader? I think so.

2. Develop – You will need to acclimate people to your organization. Train them to know your church culture. Make sure they know what you are seeking for the position. Give them some freedom to create their own way, but most likely they’ll want your help getting started. The best way is usually by apprenticeship. Partner them with other leaders. Help them find examples in other churches of ministries that are working well. Answer their questions. Be intentional to make sure they feel prepared.

3. Release – Let them lead. You’ve asked them to lead. You’ve trained them. Now get out of the way and let them lead. They’ll make mistakes. They won’t always do it your way. That’s okay…they’re leading. Despite the picture with this post…which is funny don’t you think?…you aren’t trying to produce leaders just like you. You are trying to produce disciples. They follow Christ, not you, so don’t be surprised when they come up with new…even better ideas. Follow up with them as needed, but let them be a leader. The best leaders won’t last long if you’re looking over their shoulder too closely. (This is probably the biggest mistake I see churches make in reproducing leaders. They control too closely.)

Now I realize none of these steps are necessarily easy, but I’m confident if you’re doing each of them well you’ll be reproducing more leaders. And, isn’t that what your church needs?

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