10 Ways to Fight Gossip


Follow these 10 steps for ditching the gossip and your conversations will change in no time!

Hey, girls! Here are a few ways to help you ditch the gossip. Follow these 10 easy steps and you will see your conversations change in no time!

1) Be positive – When a person starts talking negatively about someone, say something positive about them.

2) Stop the news flash – Resist the urge to spread the really juicy news you just heard. If you keep spreading it, that’s gossip!

3) Think before you speak – Think about the words you are going to say before you say them. Are they kind words that will build someone up?

4) Change the subject – If your friends start down the road of gossip, a red flag should go up to trigger a change in subject. Bring up something that’s happening at school, or maybe talk to your friends about a fun project your working on. These things don’t involve talking about people behind their backs.

5) Always think the best – When you hear gossip, go out of your way to think the best about that person. Don’t get so caught up in the negative talk that your view of them gets turned around.

6) Stop the nonsense talk – Have you ever been in a conversation where you realize you are talking about something for no reason? If you and your friends get on the topic about something that doesn’t matter or wont benefit someone else, stop the conversation and change the subject. Make all your conversations helpful and count!

7) Ditch the gossip queen – Do you have a friend who is always gossiping? Talk to her about how gossip hurts herself and others. If she doesn’t stop the gossip, think about finding a new group of friends. Before you know it, her habits will begin to rub off on you. So ditch the gossip before it grabs hold of you!

8 ) Question master – When you hear something that sounds unfair, unreasonable, or untrue, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask your friends where they got their news and if it’s really something they should be spreading.

9) Be the stop sign – When you overhear gossip, don’t spread it. Be the stop sign and make it stop.

10) Prayer partner – Instead of talking about others, invite your friends to pray for the people in your school, church, families, or friend group who need help. When you turn to prayer, God will help you keep your words on track.

Which one of these is the hardest for you? What about the easiest?


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