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iDisciple makes it easy to receive personalized content based on your preferences and needs. With thousands of sermons, devotionals, eBooks, articles, Bible studies, blogs, podcasts and an in-app Bible - there’s something for everyone.

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Invite your friends to subscribe to iDisciple. Every new subscription funds your favorite charity. Refer a Friend makes it easy to share iDisciple through social media channels and e-mail.

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Take a second glance at any content iDisciple has sent to you since joining. My Feed Archive stores all the content you have ever received so you never lose it.

My Library

Keep track of all your content for easy access. My library helps you collect your e-books, videos, audio messages, devotions, and other resources to store or download for later offline viewing.

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Identify your gold-star content for quick access. My Favorites is a collection of content you have bookmarked as the best of the best in your library.

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Quickly access all your purchased content. My Premium Content automatically stores all your purchased content all in one place.

My Giving Account

Make a difference by financially supporting your favorite cause. When you refer a friend who subscribes to iDisciple you receive 20% of their monthly net subscription fees to your giving account, so you can fund your favorite charity.


Conveniently access your in-app Bible available in multiple versions and translations.


Find the latest eBooks from Christian publishers. Easily purchase and read eBooks with our built-in e-reader.

iDisciple Channels

Receive a regular schedule of exclusive content from your favorite Christian author, communicator, or organization.

Daily Devotionals

Choose up to two devotionals from leading Christian communicators to help you grow daily with God. Daily Devotionals includes selections from top authors to give you inspiration from God’s Word.

Top Sermons

Experience the latest messages from your favorite Christian communicators all in one place. Top Sermons is a collection of current audio and video messages on a wide variety of topics to help transform your life with the click of a button.

Charles Stanley Channel

Find the encouragement you need from God’s promises through this free channel from In Touch Ministries. Featuring the Christ-centered content from respected pastor and author, Dr. Charles Stanley, as an iDisciple user you will enjoy receiving the following delivered directly where you are.

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iDisciple on your tablet gives you access to inspirational content like sermons, eBooks, and an in-app Bible, while relaxing at home or when you’re on the go!

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On your personal computer or laptop, open any popular browser and you’re ready to access Christian content personalized just for you. Available on mobile web too!

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Download our app on your phone and watch, read, or listen to popular Christian leaders while you’re on the go.

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There are several ways to experience the power behind iDisciple. Try our free version that provides a taste of our best features: limited sermons and devotionals, an in-app Bible, a daily feed of top Christian content and access to eBooks and premium content.


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As a subscriber you will receive the ultimate iDisciple experience, including highly personalized content based on your preferences and interests from thousands of sermons, articles, Bible studies, blogs, articles and an in-app Bible. Plus, a robust library feature to hold your personalized content and tagged favorites for easy access.

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Our 14-day free trial allows you to experience iDisciple’s powerful features. If you enjoy the full breadth of resources, you can sign up at any time.