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These devotions are inspired by the movie Switched. Alexandra Boylan and Andrea Polnaszek -- screenwriters of the film -- are excited to share daily devotions that promise to enhance the message of the movie. 

We encourage you to sit back, relax and watch the movie; then take action by following this devotion plan for seven days. Over the next week, we invite you to entertain the idea of becoming a cyber champion.  What would it be like if your daily posts encouraged your followers and left them feeling loved?  

The Bible says: "Try to do what is good to others, not just what is good to you."  (1 Corinthians 10:24).  This may sound good but it is difficult to practice. This devotional guide will encourage you to look at the world from a new perspective -- Do Unto Others. You cant do it alone. Thank goodness we have Jesus as our guide.  

Each day your devotional reading will include five components. 

  1.  A Switched Quote -- this is a quote directly from the movie Switched.  It serves to illustrate a lesson you can learn from the movie.
  2.  A Switched Scripture -- this Bible verse will be an anchor for the devotional lesson. 

  3. A short devotional reading that will help to illustrate the Switched Scripture verse for the day. 

  4. A Switched Prayer -- this is an opportunity to talk to God about what you have learned in the devotion and ask him to help you put it into practice. 

  5. A Cyber Challenge -- this is an action step you can take to practice utilizing your social media presence for good. 

Join us and become a Cyber Champion!  Lets start a love revolution. 

01 01

I Want To Be Her, Not Like Her

When life’s challenges feel like they may swallow you whole, give yourself a time out. Call upon God’s peace to protect your heart even if the comparison still exists.
02 02

Try To Do What Is Good For Others

God’s economy turns things upside down. When you do something for the least of these, you have done it for God. 
03 03

Lead With Love

Release the wrong rather than throwing it into your backpack and dragging it around with you. The only thing carrying it around does, is exhaust you.
04 04

Don't You Realize What You Have?

If you are frustrated with your parents and wish you had a different family, take a moment to identify three good things your Mom, Dad or caregiver do for you.
05 05

Your Talent Is Too Beautiful

We often think the gift needs to be BIG, but it could be as simple as sharing a smile or a kind word.
06 06

The Heart of the Matter

When we truly value others as ourselves we take into consideration how we would want to be treated and that motivates our thoughts and actions.
07 07

Be Kind to Each Other

Acting in kindness, loving even the person who treats you poorly is one way Jesus can shine through us. It is a simple goal that requires extraordinary help from God. 


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