When God Doesn't Answer

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Even as the Bible touts prayer as essential in the life of a believer, it is still something shrouded in mystery. From why we do it, when we do it, where we do it, how often we do it and the right way to do it, we can readily find answers in the Word of God.

But what about when we can't find answers, when an absence of answers makes an absence of sense to us? Is it because we lack faith? Is it because, as James tells us, we ask "amiss"? Has God forsaken us? What do we do "When God Doesn't Answer"?

Some of us may be hesitant to address these uncomfortable questions, but we invite you to an enlightening seven-installment series that dares to go where many fear to tread.

01 01

Hey, God, Are You There?

Even some of the great figures of the Bible had a hard time handling those times when God didn't answer the way they wanted Him to answer. How should we handle it?
02 02

Is God Giving Me Busy Work?

Is God just keeping us busy with repeated prayers? Or is He bringing us to the most optimal position in which we can receive from Him?
03 03

Prayers with Three Screws Left Over

When it comes to things of the Spirit, and especially our prayer life, the instruction manual -- the Bible -- should hardly be a tool of last resort.
04 04

P.U.S.H. — Pray Until Something Happens

Sometimes, we have a tendency to give up a little too quickly on our prayers. Sometimes, persistence is just the thing that gets us through to the answer..
05 05

God Isn't Hurt by Our Candid Questions

Unanswered prayers can be puzzling, frustrating, and challenging. We need to make sure we have proper perspective on living with unresolved issues.
06 06

The Negative That's a Positive

We like to think that God's "Yes" is always the best answer, but God knows better.
07 07

Thy Will Be Done, Thy Won'ts Be Praised

We should lavish praise on God when He gives us what we want -- and when He doesn't.


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