The Work/Life Balancing Act

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Being busy is the catchphrase of the century. We are so involved with so many things that there is hardly time to take a breath. We are working hard, raising a family, giving our children opportunities, trying to get together with friends… and on and on.

None of these things are bad; it’s just that there is more to do in a day than there are hours in the day. This fast track that has us quickly moving from one thing to the other is quietly starving our faith and our relationships by keeping us disconnected from other people and God.

It’s time to balance your life so you can do what is necessary but still have time for what you love. This growth plan is full of the best content we have on creating work/life balance in a way that honors God.  

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Is Your Life Too Busy?

If you constantly hit the ground running and keep up a frantic pace until you drop into bed at night, then you just might be too busy.
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A Cure for the Workaholic

Sometimes being a workaholic is an issue of bad time management, but more likely it is due to an issue of not being able to let go for a break.
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Setting Your Priorities

If you are looking to balance your work and your life, then you need to learn how to set your priorities.
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Who Controls Your Time?

A big part of learning how to balance work and life involves recognizing who should be in charge of your schedule.
05 05

Redefining Your Success

How you define success can have a direct impact on your work/life balance—for the good or the bad.
06 06

The To-Do(n't) List

Instead of packing your schedule full of “to-dos,” try making a “Stop Doing" list so you can free up some time.
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Keeping It All Balanced

Work/life balance is an ever-moving target, and the best way to maintain it is to keep your eyes focused on Jesus.

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