The Six Truths of Motherhood

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There’s so much pressure on moms today.

Our families and society expect us to be perfect, and we’re a failure when we’re not. For moms, every day presents a long list of challenges like getting kids ready for the day on time, figuring out what everyone is going eating, and supporting the emotional, physical, and spiritual development of our families.

Mothers are also fighting other battles that often go unnoticed.

We experience frustration and hopelessness when we never seem to have enough time to get everything done. We struggle with anxiety when circumstances are beyond our control. We feel guilt and resentment when we don’t measure up to society’s (or our own mother’s) standards. We believe we’re inadequate when our kids won’t behave or they struggle in school. We’re often left to deal with feelings of isolation or insignificance when no one around us seems to understand or even care.

The reality is we’ve been told a lot of lies about what motherhood truly is. Yes, it’s rewarding and deeply fulfilling, but it’s not a fairly tale. However, God still has an amazing, abundant life planned for us as mothers, but it starts with us walking in the truth — His truth.

The Six Truths of Motherhood is a brand new bible study by Birds on a Wire. In this six-lesson plan, you will get a sneak peek at how to tackle some of the big challenges facing moms today like discipline, resentment, identity, and family values.

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The Overwhelming Role of a Mom

Moms, you have the profound privilege of creating a new climate in your home.  And the degree to which you lean into this principle and into God’s strength will determine the atmosphere we create in our home.
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Hold the Line

Friends tell each other what they want to hear, but a parent should be the experienced and authoritative voice, which gives wise counsel.  Your child needs this voice in their life, and they will be lost if you do not give it. 
03 03

Home, a Safe Place

Family time is where you catch your breath and gather a new game plan for life.  It is where you are safe.  Family time is where you are loved, accepted and challenged. It is where you become a better person.
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As you discipline your child, ask God to give you wisdom.  Remember that discipline produces excellence and peace. What mom would not want that for their child?
05 05

Scoreboard of Life

There are two choices in life, we can hold onto resentment or rest in the fact that God can be trusted.  We can trust that God works all things for good for those that love him. 
06 06

Finding You Again

When you begin to prioritize yourself, be prepared because false guilt will more than likely set in.  Resist that! You are going to be a BETTER mom because of the rest.

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