Proclaiming Christ in an Election

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As we approach another general election in the United States, the country is more divided than ever. Lines aren't just drawn in the sand; they're etched in stone. There are Red States and Blue States, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. And the rhetoric flows hot and heavy on both sides — on TV, on the radio, on social media and, unfortunately, even in some of our churches, dividing friends and families so that politics is a topic that some think is better avoided.

In the midst of this, we can get so caught up in winning that we overlook the most important thing: What does God say about all of this?

Remembering that, first and foremost, we are members of a Kingdom that supercedes all, how do we as Christians maintain our witness and remain salt and light to a world that only wants to receive the information that comes from "their side?"

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The Lord's Word Prevails

The party in power argues it should stay in power. The other party argues why we need change. But God is ultimately in control, no matter what man may say.
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Fear Not

One of the most effective tactics in campaign season is fear. As children of the Most High God, however, we need not be afraid of what man can do.
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Don't Bury Your Vote

With the right to vote, we have a responsibility that we must exercise, even if we think it's insignificant.
04 04

Political Apathy Is a Poor Reflection

If we don't care enough to make an impact where we can, it may even reflect poorly on us as citizens — and by extension on the Gospel we proclaim.
05 05

Looking for a Higher Answer

While we may be tempted to call our questions political, the answers for us — as people with access to the very throne of God Himself — are theological.
06 06

What If My Candidate Doesn't Win?

The Bible is full of characters who maintained their godliness despite being under unfavorable rule, and who are examples for us today.
07 07

The New Country

Even after 244 years, our country still remains young compared to many of the countries in the world. But it still requires renewed commitment. To be made new again.


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