Standing Up for Your Faith

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Apologetics is different from evangelism. Evangelism is sharing your faith; apologetics is defending your faith to those who attack it or who disagree with what you believe.

As the world in general becomes more outspoken against the things of God, it is more important than ever for believers to have a strong defense of their faith. Christians should know what they believe, why they believe it, how to share it with others, and how to defend it to people who don’t agree.

This is why we’ve gathered our best content on apologetics so you can learn how to have a ready defense and a gentle answer for those who speak against Christianity.

In this growth plan, you will learn what apologetics is, and you will understand how to defend your faith to people who ask common but tough questions about what we believe as Christians. When you finish this plan, you will be equipped with tools and confidence to stand up for your faith as Jesus calls you to do.

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A Look At Apologetics

There are many people in the world who doubt the existence of God and openly challenge faith in Him. Therefore, it’s important for believers to understand how to defend their faith to those who would argue against it.
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With Gentleness and Respect

If we truly know the love of Jesus, and we truly want people to understand the reason for our faith, then we must defend it with love.
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Is Christianity the Only True Religion?

In a discussion about religion, one of the questions people might ask you is, “How can Christianity really be the only true religion?”
04 04

Are Biblical Miracles Valid?

Not only are the miracle stories of the Bible actually valid, but they are there for the specific purpose of pointing to Jesus.
05 05

Is the Bible Even True?

As a believer, you know that the Bible is God’s infallible Word. But do you know why God’s Word is infallible?
06 06

Are Science and the Bible At Odds?

In discussions about religion and science, this question will often come up: “Don’t science and the Bible contradict each other?”
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Your Best Tool for Defending Your Faith

When you have a stockpile of Scriptures you can use to initiate a conversation about faith with someone who is challenging it, God’s Word will do what He needs it to do.


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