Single and Trusting in God's Plan

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When you are single, you are presented with unique opportunities and challenges that many other people don’t have. You can live with freedom and flexibility. You don’t have to share your income, and you can generally do what you want.

However, there are also real challenges that come with being single. You can feel lonely and out of place. You might find yourself desperate for an intimate relationship. You might feel like you are in a constant state of transition. And you just get so tired of everyone asking if you have a special person in your life!

 Whether you have been in this season for a while, or you are newly single, God has a special and specific plan for your life—right now, in the middle of your singleness. That is why we have gathered some of our best content with advice to help you navigate the path of singleness while you search for meaning in your life and grow closer to God.

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Exploring the Single Life

When you are intentional about your life and your relationship with God, you can embrace each day as an adventure with Him instead of as a journey alone.
02 02

Being Single is a Gift, Not a Disease

Take a look at Jesus' example of being single to learn how to be satisfied with your own life.
03 03

Is There Someone Special?

If you had a dollar for every time someone asked you, “Is there anyone special in your life?” you would be very rich, right?
04 04

The Challenge of Loneliness

It’s complicated to be single. There are many good things about it, like having freedom and flexibility, but there are also significant challenges to face like desire and loneliness.
05 05

Purity vs. Passion

Unfulfilled desire and passion may be one of the most challenging aspects of being single. The question is, will you go your own way or God’s way when it comes to issues of purity?
06 06

Jesus Fulfills Our Longings

As a single person, you might be faced with unfulfilled longings for sexual intimacy and other relational longings as you wait for God's timing and direction in your life.
07 07

A Tough Season

Have you ever found yourself wondering what God is doing through the tough circumstances you experience as a single person?
08 08

Waiting on God

When we get impatient and try to move ahead of God’s plan for us, we have a tendency to sin or to settle for something less than His will. God is not a God of settling. He wants to give us His best.
09 09

God Has a Plan

God wants to reveal the person He has for you, but He wants to do it in His timing and by His rules. As you wait, He wants you to focus on the internal and eternal things instead of on the external things the world says to look for in a relationship.
10 10

Setting Priorities

As you wait for God to bring someone into your life, it's important to live with a sense of purpose instead of desperation.
11 11

Alone, Not Lonely

When it comes to relationships, we often have a plan in our heads about the way we think life should go, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Thankfully, God can move in your life in such a way that you will be able to be alone, but not lonely.
12 12

God Is Your Partner

Instead of spending your days pining for what you wish you had, embrace each day as a unique opportunity to be in partnership with God.
13 13

Live for Today

Singleness is not a time to put your life on hold. It is not a time to wait for your life to begin. Your life is now!
14 14

Keeping Sane in This Season of Singleness

Singleness isn’t a disease, nor is it a negative time in your life. It is right where God wants you to be!


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