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God gives us opportunities to serve him and others every day. The question is: Will we take hold of such opportunities or will we let them pass us by? Some opportunities may present themselves in the normal course of our everyday lives. Others may occur unexpectedly: For example, our car breaks down and we can talk about the Lord to the mechanic who comes and helps us.

Opportunities are times that God can use to help us grow. We should not run away from fresh challenges but are to allow God to stretch us and become more mature. Sometimes we may need to create opportunities, not by manipulating people or circumstances but by taking the initiative. One small project I started eventually, years later, became a study Bible that has been published in several languages.

A word to the cautious: God may ask you to step outside your comfort zone. By personality I too am cautious, but remember that you are unique. An old song says, “There’s a work for Jesus only you can do.” You are a unique person with unique knowledge and skills. You know certain people that others don’t know. So don’t get preoccupied with thinking of the limited opportunities you have. Get on and do what you can and grasp the opportunities that clearly present themselves to you.

The eight readings come from “Word Come Alive,” a new translation (paraphrase) of the New Testament by Bible editor Martin Manser. They touch on these approaches and more: go for it, with the Lord’s help!

Learn more about “Word Come Alive” by visiting Martin’s website at

*Text in italics shows the explanations that Martin added to the original text.

01 01

The Opportunities Jesus Gives

While we still have the opportunity, we must help others with the power of the Holy Spirit.
02 02

Love Your Enemies

How can we change the world as children of God if we only love those who treat us well?
03 03

'My Name is Legion'

God's work in your life is not just for your own benefit.
04 04

Put All Your Energies Into Responding to God

Do you already have your place in the banquet of the Kingdom of Heaven?
05 05

The Seed Must Die to Be Fruitful

The potential of our lives is only fully developed when we look beyond our own benefit.
06 06

Different Responses to Jesus

Our response to the love and sacrifice of Jesus will make us agents of change in the world.
07 07

Opportunities Don't Last Forever

One day Jesus will return and He will call us into account for the opportunities He has given us.
08 08

Don't Fritter Away Your Life

Our lifestyle must be consistent with our new identity in Jesus Christ.

Removing the Clutter
Martin Manser
I Am With You
Martin Manser
Listen and Learn
Martin Manser
The Lord and Giver of Life
Martin Manser
Praying from Events
Martin Manser
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