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At the crux of leadership is wisdom. Some say wisdom comes from experience; that's only partially true. It comes from examined experience.

For over 30 years, Regi Campbell has been listening and learning, collecting principles and insights to make himself better at life. His experience as a Jesus-follower, husband, father, entrepreneur, CEO, and mentor have yielded a treasure trove of wisdom.

Radical Wisdom is a journey toward wisdom and insight. Providing you with practical wisdom and principles, and guiding you as you examine your experience and develop wisdom. One day at a time.

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Leaders Go First

Thinking through the idea isn’t enough. Action reveals options that analysis will never reveal. Leaders do things. They don’t get stuck thinking endlessly.
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Doing something “below your station” that others might not be willing to do is hustle. Hustle has a lot of connection with the idea of working heartily
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Born Stoic, Die Epicurean

It helps to recognize that we are stewards, not owners, and that our audience is God Himself, and our accountability is to Him.
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Are You Calm in the Storm?

Knowing God loves us so much, knowing the outcome is going to be all right and the situation is under His control, gives us the confidence we need to be calm in the midst of the storm.
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Sheepdog or Shepard?

If we’re shepherd leaders who earn the right to lead and who call as we calmly walk ahead, we’ll look behind and find willing followers drawing their strength and confidence from walking in our steps.
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The Curse of Criticism

It takes patience and care to correct the behavior without criticizing the person. I’m afraid leaders today are messing up on this . . . at home with their kids, at work with their co-workers.
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Action vs. Analysis

Are you analyzing the costs of following Jesus and waiting for it to be easy? Do you think you have to get it all straight before you start? Whatever it is, just get going!

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