Maturity and Grace: Becoming a Godly Woman

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When you begin your faith journey, you start as a child (no matter your age), with joy and eagerness to learn more about God’s love. But as you grow, there comes a time when you must mature in your faith. You must stop doing the things that draw you away from God and do more of the things that bring you closer to Him. So you begin the journey of becoming a godly woman.

A woman who is faithful, strong, and beautiful in the Lord’s eyes is a woman who is mature in her faith and shows it through her actions. This spiritual journey to becoming a godly woman is not defined by age, but by wisdom gained from Scripture and experiences with God.

Why is godliness important? Godliness means that you have practiced obedience to God’s Word. By doing so, you develop an unshakable faith that lifts up your family, inspires those around you, and encourages you to fully rely on God’s grace and love.

To that end, we have compiled some of our best content on what it means to be a godly woman. In this 14-post Growth Plan, you will learn how you can grow into the mature and godly woman God designed you to be.

01 01

Defining Womanhood

What does it mean to be a woman? What about a godly woman? It all depends on where you look for your definition of womanhood.
02 02

The Biblical View of a Godly Woman

It is almost impossible to have a discussion about becoming a godly woman without looking at Psalm 31, which profiles God’s design for an excellent woman.
03 03

The Power of Words

Being a godly woman is a lifelong journey of letting go of that which does not bring us closer to God and doing more of what He desires for us. This includes the way we use our words.
04 04

The Futility of Worry

Being a godly woman means that you fully trust that God’s will and desire for you are the best things for your life. Doing so reflects the maturity of your faith.
05 05

Uninvited to the Pity Party

Self-pity is a destructive habit that leads you away from godliness and keeps you stuck in a rut. God wants more for you than this; He wants you to focus on Him.
06 06

A Matter of Control

The manner in which you portray yourself to others directly reflects your maturity in Christ.
07 07

Do You Have to Do It All?

Isn’t it a relief to know that you don’t have to do it all? You just need to do the next thing God is asking you to do.
08 08

Specially Designed by God

In addition to discovering the characteristics that don’t fit into God’s plan for us, we must also discover the ones that will help us become mature, godly women.
09 09

Peace and Tranquility

God's guidance and perspective can help you look to the future with a smile, unafraid of any storms that may come.
10 10

Being Attractive

What do you think makes a woman attractive? Is it the way she looks, or is it the way she behaves?
11 11

Biblical Modesty

How you dress, what you put on display, and how you project yourself to others really does matter to God. Today's post explains why.
12 12

Show the Way

Why is it so important for women to help one another as they journey toward a closer relationship with God?
13 13

Finding Security

Because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, you are forever secure as a woman of God. Today, find out why your real security stems from Jesus.
14 14

Continue the Journey

Becoming a godly woman doesn’t happen overnight. It is a daily journey of drawing closer to God so that He can guide you, build you up, and help you become the woman He designed you to be.


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