Marching in Resurrection

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The same power that raised the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead resides in those who believe in Him, according to Ephesians 1:18-19. As we walk through our daily lives — through the struggles common to everybody, and through spiritual trials and tribulations only Christians suffer — how do we reconcile what we see with this astounding declaration? It raises questions:

If His resurrection power abides in us, why do we still die? Why aren't we walking around like the post-resurrection Jesus? What is the purpose of resurrection power, if not to make that which was dead alive again? Of what use does the Lord intend for us to employ it?

That's what this seven-day growth plan is intended to address. It's not just an Easter celebration, but one that's valid every day until He returns. Jesus Christ rose from the dead that we might have eternal life, life more abundantly, and only as we march in the power of His resurrection can we fully manifest His intentions for our lives.

01 01

In Death, Jesus Became a Curse for Us

Jesus became a curse for us in every way possible that we might become through His sacrifice the righteousness of God.
02 02

The Risen Christ, Our Hope

When Jesus died for our sins, the salvation process was halfway home. Just like He did when He changed water to wine, He saved the best part for last.
03 03

The Sheep Were Scattered

If you hear Jesus' voice now, come out of hiding and embrace Him because He has borne any punishment that was meant for you and me.
04 04

In Rising, Jesus Removed Death's Stinger

Jesus' resurrection was the all-important second part of the process. On it, all of Christianity stands.
05 05

Convincing Proof

Jesus could've kept His resurrection a secret, but appeared to more than 500 eyewitnesses, when He needed only "two or three witnesses [by whom] shall every word be established."
06 06

Can These Bones Live?

Jesus declared Himself "the Resurrection and the Life." Only as we stay connected to Him can we experience the power that He has ordained us to have.
07 07

Your Resurrection Resolution: Let It Be

How does resurrection work in us? How does the power work in your house? Or in your car? You don't generate any of it, do you? You let it work. You surrender to it.


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