How to Stop Emotions from Ruling Your Reactions

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Do you often find your emotions taking over your life? Does it seem as though your anger often rages out of control, your tears flow easily, or you are so overcome with discouragement that you can’t see God’s hand in your life?

Let’s face it -- life is kind of hard. A lot of hard stuff happens, and the weight of it can make a person snap. But emotions aren’t the enemy. We were created with emotions, both the negative and the positive ones -- like love, hope, and contentment. Our emotions have value, and they separate us from the rest of creation.

With that said, you don’t want your emotions to rule you or to get the best of you. They shouldn’t dictate your responses to life because they are unpredictable; you can’t always trust them. But you can trust God.

This is why we’ve put together this Growth Plan on controlling your emotions. If you are at a place where you need to learn how to manage your feelings and rely more on God, then you will find the tools you need in this seven-post series.

01 01

Understand Your Feelings

When you hold on to your faith in God’s truth and character, you will do a better job of not giving your feelings the freedom to control your life.
02 02

Evaluate Your Heart

The first step toward self-control is to take an inventory of your heart, which is the barometer of your emotional health. Today’s post explains why.
03 03

Tame Your Anger

Anger isn't a bad thing in and of itself. But when we behave poorly because of it—or when we sin as an expression of it—that’s when it becomes a problem.
04 04

Disrupt Discouragement

Discouragement is an emotion that comes and goes throughout life. If you will remember that God is in charge, then you can learn how to break free from it.
05 05

Control the Spin

When you allow your emotions to spin out of control, it may feel as though you've lost your footing. What can you do to reclaim your balance?
06 06

Rein Them In

When you place your emotions under the control and authority of the Spirit, they will begin to come into alignment with how God designed them.
07 07

Claim Your Joy

Joy is different than happiness because it is reliant on God’s character instead of on external conditions. And because God’s character does not change, your joy can be full and complete!

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