Developing a Passion for Prayer

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The thought of approaching God in prayer can seem intimidating sometimes. He is Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe, the Alpha and Omega. What do you say to Him? Is He listening? What matters to Him? Thankfully, our Father has given us great instruction about prayer in Scripture, and it is one of the most powerful ways for us to stay connected to Him.

For this Growth Plan, we have put together some of our best content to help you learn and grow in your prayer life. Whether you are beginning your prayer life or simply refreshing it, this series will help.

You will learn what the Bible teaches about communing with God, and you will learn how to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him through prayer.

01 01

The Basics of Prayer

Whether you are just starting to develop your prayer life or would like to refresh it, it is always good to take a look at the basics.
02 02

Practicing Prayer

Prayer does not always come naturally. Instead, it is something you must learn and practice.
03 03

Teach Me to Pray

If you want to grow in the discipline of prayer, then you need to dive deep into the power of prayer.
04 04

More Than a Check Mark

God wants to be more than a check mark on a list; He wants to hear from your heart. He wants to help you with your everyday life as much as He helps you in your emergencies.
05 05

From Rote to Relevant

Have you ever thought about what it means to unleash the power of God in your life?
06 06

Get Away From It All

Our days are filled with roles and responsibilities that keep us busy and sometimes distracted from God.
07 07

Thy Will Be Done

Adopt Jesus’ example of spending solitary time with God by learning to be more daring in your prayers.
08 08

Praying Through Scripture

Do you ever get “stuck in a rut” in your prayer life? Praying Scripture will help.
09 09

Employing Scripture Prayers

When you employ different tools in your prayer time, you make the experience more of a two-sided conversation rather than a one-sided exposition.
10 10

When It's Hard to Pray

Some days it’s just hard to pray. Whatever the reason, though you may feel like your prayers aren’t effective, don’t give up!
11 11

Waiting on God's Answer

We don’t always understand God’s plans or His timing, but this doesn’t mean we should stop bringing our unanswered prayers before Him.
12 12

Getting Back on Track

Sometimes you might fall off track in your prayer time -- either because you are discouraged or because your mind isn’t still before God.
13 13

It's More Than a List

Prayer is a conversation with God. It is a time to request, but it is also a time to listen.
14 14

Big Prayers Are Powerful

What is a powerful prayer? It is a prayer of faith that expects the impossible to become possible.


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