Depending on God During Difficult Times

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There are times in life when it seems like everything is going right, and God’s blessings are very evident. However, there are also times when everything seems to be falling apart. During these seasons, you might be praying for God to intervene, but you don’t see Him moving.

You thought you were doing things right, but everything is going wrong. Occasionally, you can understand why things are going awry, but many times you can’t. Life blows up in your face, and you feel lost. You wonder where God is, and you wonder if He is going to help you. These are the times that will either rattle your faith or prove it.

For this Growth Plan, we have compiled our best material on overcoming the trying times in life. Dig in and ask God your hard questions. He is for you, and He wants you to learn how to lean on Him during challenging times and continue to grow in your understanding of Him and His plans for your life.

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When It Doesn’t Seem Fair

It is easy to have faith when life is easy, but what about when it seems like God isn’t being fair? What happens when He requires something of you that doesn’t make sense?
02 02

When Difficulties Arise

If we never had troubles, then we wouldn’t know what it’s like to really lean on God to help us.
03 03

When You Have Lost Everything

Does it seem like you’ve lost everything? Regardless of how tough it might get, the good news is that God is with you and will always see you through.
04 04

When God Takes His Time

In the midst of hardship, you might think God is slow in responding to your pleas for help. God isn’t late, though. Although you might not understand it, His timing is always perfect for what He is doing in your life.
05 05

When Your Trials Can Change Lives

The kind of faith that can change lives is only borne in the hardest of trials, the kind of trials that leave no other way out than a complete miracle from God.
06 06

When Trials Develop Determination

Learn how to overcome life's obstacles and to say as Paul did, “None of these things move me.”
07 07

When You Can Trust That God Is for You

In all things, God is working in your best interest—even through your trials.


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