Breaking the Chains of Addiction

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Being addicted to something means that you have become dependent on a particular substance, thing, or activity. Addiction affects people from all walks of life and is no respecter of status, gender, race, wealth, or position.

The world will always try to offer something to you that promises love, joy, peace, or comfort, but the truth is it won’t give you those things. It will fall short of these promises, and then your addiction will start to own you. It will make you want that thing you’re addicted to more than you want anything else.

But there’s good news! God is calling out to you right now, offering real love, joy, peace, and comfort. And more than that, He offers you freedom from addiction through Jesus.

This growth plan is filled with posts to offer you guidance, encouragement, and hope in Jesus to help you take the steps you need to take to break free from your addiction and find your fulfillment in Jesus’ love. 

If you are struggling with an addiction, get help now. Talk to your pastor or a counselor about the steps you need to take to overcome it. If your addiction could potentially threaten your life (such as drug or alcohol abuse), go to, or call the Lighthouse Network Care Guide at 1-877-562-2565. They are there to help you. If you feel like your life may be in danger because of your addiction, check yourself into a hospital to get the help you need. Don’t put this off. Jesus came to set you free from what shackles you. It’s time to take the steps toward freedom.

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What Addiction Looks Like

Addiction doesn’t always look the way we think it does, it comes in all forms and is seen in all walks of life.
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Acknowledge the Spiritual Stronghold

Any journey out of addiction must always begin with prayer. Prayer will help you recognize the problem and it will help you turn your addiction over to Jesus.
03 03

Turn it Over to Jesus

If you submit yourself to Jesus instead of your addiction, you will become free in Christ. Jesus wants you to trade your addiction for freedom in Him.
04 04

It's Not Too Big for God

Jesus is for you and He wants to give you freedom. He loves you and wants the best for you. He wants to heal you and set you free from what masters you.
05 05

It Takes More Than Willpower

Yes, it’s hard to admit to someone else that you have an addiction, but telling someone about it will help you come out of your denial about it.
06 06

Take the Next Step

If you find yourself needing a drink, or a hit, or your phone, or pornography, or anything, more than you need God, it’s time to admit your addiction. You have to face it or you will never be free from it.
07 07

You Can Find Freedom in Jesus

You will find that when you bring the addiction that has enslaved you to Jesus, He will break those chains and give you the freedom to live in peace.


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