Being a Man of Integrity

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Having integrity means that you act honorably in all aspects of your life, even if no one is watching. It is living by what is important to God and consistently making your actions match your Christian values. Living with integrity means that you are honest in all things—in what you think, what you say, and how you act. It means you are upright, trustworthy, and have high moral standards—all the time.

Is it impossible to live this way in our 21st century world? Not impossible, but it can certainly be challenging because our world doesn’t always believe in the things God teaches us. Does it matter to God that you live with integrity? This question and others will be answered in this 7-Day Growth Plan filled with some of our best content on being a man of integrity and honor.

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Integrity in All Things

As a man of God, it's important to guard your integrity in all things, including your finances, morals, and spiritual life.
02 02

Financial Integrity

Why is it so easy for money to become a distraction as we follow God?
03 03

Integrity in Your Words

The world may say that lying is okay in certain circumstances, but God expects us to be honest in everything we do, think, or say—no matter who is watching.
04 04

Integrity and Accountability

Do you have a group of people in your life who can hold you accountable for your actions and help you make wise decisions?
05 05

Integrity and Boundaries

The only way you can make sure you are always living with integrity is to set limits for yourself before you are in a situation where your willpower will be challenged.
06 06

Integrity in the Mundane

Knowing how to live with a steady, unwavering commitment to what is right—especially when the world says you are wrong—is the core of what it means to live with integrity.
07 07

Maintaining Your Integrity

Intentionally examining your life periodically is the only way you will be able to see a need for a course correction.

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