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iDisciple makes everything specifically for you. From growth plans to music, your personalized content is right at your fingertips. No matter the device, you will be closer connected to your personal spiritual goals. At iDisciple, we are working to find new pieces of content that you'll love from your favorite ministry partners.

Growth Plans

Make spiritual progress

We've hand gathered top-rated content from a variety of authors and speakers on key topics to help you deepen your spiritual journey.


Church in your pocket

Watch and listen to your favorite pastors and speakers, or discover new voices of inspiration.

In-App Bible

The Word of God wherever you go.

Get connected to scripture even when you're on-the-go. Read or listen to the Bible in popular versions like NIV, KJV, NASB and more.

iDisciple Radio

The music you love now.

Stream commercial-free music from 12 popular genres or listen to talk radio channels for powerful messages that inspire, encourage, and entertain.

What else can I expect?

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300+ Ministries

Hear from your favorite author, speaker, or ministry and discover new voices of inspiration.

We're adding new partners to iDisciple all the time to offer you a breadth of content from highly respected leaders in ministry.