The Believer's Highest Honor


The believer's highest honor is to become a servant for Christ.

1 Peter 5:6

I remember one of the many introductions I have received over the years. A fellow stood before the audience I would be addressing and said, “It is my pleasure to introduce you to my brother, Charles Stanley, servant of the most high God.” What a God-honoring introduction that was! 

But the title of servant is not reserved only for those employed by the church. Jesus’ promise from John 12:26— that God would honor those who serve Him—was made to all believers. We are to approach every activity of our day as if we’re working for the Lord, so that servanthood becomes a way of life.

A believer’s willing acceptance of the servant role is countercultural. The world teaches us to chase after power but advises ignoring opportunities to serve unless there’s personal benefit. The leaders of the early church, however, were taught to see things differently. Jesus instructed them to feed the poor, draw near to those who were sick, and wash dirty feet. These men were honored to refer to themselves as bondslaves—in other words, lowly servants.

The Lord has placed each one of us in a position to serve others and thereby serve Him. The feet we wash, figuratively speaking, are those of our family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. We must give our best effort to the relationships and work we have been given in this world. To offer anything less is to refuse the life we have been called to live—a life of service to the most high God.

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